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Hello people, this is the ask-blog of Legolas and Aragorn from The Lord of the Ring ! They are in couple, and, they wait your question. Don't be shy and just go ; Have fun ! ♥

This blog is not here to be taken in the first degree, he's here to laugh and have fun, and of course here for the slash legolas & aragorn ! If you don't love yaoi (boy x boy), don't stay here, thanks !

Parallel Events ;
-Legolas is pregnant (9 months)
-Legolas and Aragorn are in Mirkwood, so you can ask Thranduil too about his feels.
-The baby is a boy and his name is Aldaron.

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And of course, you, who read my blog. I'm really happy, because I have 1 450 beautifuls followers, and I would not be here without them. So, from all of my heart ; Thanks You. <3

♕ Aragorn Appreciation 1/?


I’m 18 years old ! Yeahhhh, finally ! I CAN DRINK MOJITO NOW ***out***
Anyway, it’s finally the end of the holidays, so i’m back ! I’ll post more drawings and answer to ask, promise !

I hope you’re all fine <3
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half-finished love affair, a charles x erik fanmix [listen]

01. counting stars onerepublic // 02. clarity zedd // 03. young and beautiful lana del rey // 04. the scientist coldplay // 05. maps maroon 5 // 06. revolution the beatles // 07. say something a great big world // 08. shot me down david guetta // 09. all of me john legend // 10. half of my heart john mayer // 11. how to save a life the fray // 12. i choose you sara bareilles


my babies make me cry huuuur

lotr meme: eight scenes (4/8)

"My friends, you bow to no one"

Don’t adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story.

La boucle est bouclée. <3


lotr meme

{3/8 personal items} → Narsil/Andúril



is this what happened?

"You foul, loathsome, evil, little cockroach."  Yep that sums him up in a nutshell.

Omg this is my favorite post now *die*

Websérie parodique (parody webserie)
Bande annonce saison 1 (Preview season 1)


this is my new favorite thing on the planet.

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