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Hello people, this is the ask-blog of Legolas and Aragorn from The Lord of the Ring ! They are in couple, and, they wait your question. Don't be shy and just go ; Have fun ! ♥

This blog is not here to be taken in the first degree, he's here to laugh and have fun, and of course here for the slash legolas & aragorn ! If you don't love yaoi (boy x boy), don't stay here, thanks !

Parallel Events ;
-Legolas is pregnant (9 months)
-Legolas and Aragorn are in Mirkwood, so you can ask Thranduil too about his feels.
-The baby is a boy and his name is Aldaron.

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And of course, you, who read my blog. I'm really happy, because I have 1 299 beautifuls followers, and I would not be here without them. So, from all of my heart ; Thanks You. <3

There is no King Under the Mountain, nor will there ever be!”

for Alice

When i see this
I always see

I’m in love”


Hooray you came back!! Last time I checked you hadn't updated in a long time is Legolas still pregnant??? xD I want da babiezzzzzzzzzzz oh and hai :3

{{Yeees I’m back ! Awww, sorry éè I have so many things to do you know, it’s hard ! And for the baby, well yupe soon, soon ! °A° But I wonder if i’ll introduce him in ALL of my comics when he will be born, or just in many comics/answers, not all of my answers, heam, you see what i mean ? ;A; I’m a little bit afraid, if many people don’t love him or just don’t want to see Legolas and Aragorn parents because they want answers only about both and not with Aldaron, well… :sob: ;A;}}

Your blog has made me smile several times! You're so creative and funny. Love it! *blows kisses*

Gasp !! Thanks, thanks so much ! You’re so cute and lovely huh ! <3 *hughug!*}}


Legolas appreciation requested by thearchangelofloki


Thorin Oakenshield.. a-very-important-dwarf
Photography.. Felix

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Just… Just… Omg… Wow… Amazing… ;w; This. IS. AMAZING. REALLY. Ahdqukcbsqcjqnj I’m sorry but I have to reblog this. Because it’s just… Brilliant.

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